J. Miller

My husband and I custom ordered a Hailun grand piano (5’ 10”) in black satin with bird’s eye maple wood trim inside. It is truly a beautiful instrument with amazing tone and key response. We shopped all the other stores in Calgary looking at Yamaha, Boston, Steinway and various others and decided that the Hailun was the best choice based on quality of sound, beautiful workmanship, price point and overall value. Additionally, we had the […]

William Dowbush B. Mus.

When Bridges Church decided to look for a new piano, as the pianist I knew that there were a myriad of options to choose from. However, I quickly shortened the list by stipulating that the piano we would acquire would be American made. Among the brands a the top of the list was Baldwin, and for two reasons. One, the Baldwin L in my home is the piano that brought me through my degree program […]

Kristina Cherneski

Hi Brian, I thought I would write a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with our new Hailun grand piano. I came to the Piano Gallery, and to Hailun, on the recommendation of a previous customer and I am very glad I took his advice. When we decided to purchase a piano, I spent time at different stores, playing various instruments, and the Hailuns truly stood out for me—I really enjoy the […]

C. Bosch

My dream was to own and play a grand piano. In my search, we visited the five main piano retailers in Calgary and found that they all seemed to want to just sell me a piano, but I did not want to just buy a piano. Such was the case until we went to Piano Galley, where Brian’s knowledge, humour and patience saw my dream realized, when I found the perfect tone of the Hailun […]

Doug & Shirley

We had been looking for a piano on and off for quite some time, and recently made a visit to the Piano Gallery. We knew we wanted to buy a digital piano, but weren’t sure we could find one that digital piano, but weren’t sure we could find one that would sound and feel like an acoustic piano.. Brian very willingly brought in a Kawai CA95 from their Concert Artist series, and the minute we […]

Shizka & Kenby

If you are looking for a piano, go to Piano Gallery, and look for Brian. We have received much more than what we expected to receive from a “Piano Dealer”, but wonderful, very personal, knowledgeable and experienced Piano Dealer. I think we have received one of the best services we have ever received. The piano mover he chose was very gentle, and reliable as well. I will definitely go back, also spread my words!! Thank […]