Cidell Crawford

While renovating our home we wanted to fulfill a lifelong dream of purchasing a grand piano. We have 7 children that all play and sing, and I teach voice. We went to several piano stores in southern Alberta and played on many pianos. We loved meeting Brian and appreciated his warmth and passion for his instruments, but it was when we played on his 6’10” Estonia that I fell in love. The beautiful clean middle […]

Ann McGill

I retired in 2013, and decided that in retirement I would pursue a lifelong ambition, and learn to play the piano. I bought a lovely electronic piano, and began grade one of the Royal Conservatory program. Last June, after completing grade three, my music teacher suggested that if I were serious about continuing with my studies, I should buy an acoustic piano. My husband and I began our search for the “perfect” piano, and during […]

Brent Stewart

I can only say that I was super impressed with the service I received at Calgary Piano Gallery. Brian Schmidt really allowed me to explore all aspects of my piano search, including looking at the piano from underneath (yes, I actually got down on the ground and crawled under the piano to study the ribbing and see just how solid it was and what types of wood were used, and to study the thickness of […]

Shannon Fisher

I was lucky enough to receive the gift of a grand piano from my husband for our anniversary!….now how to pick and buy one? A daunting task for the novice. I tried a couple of different stores, but found that the Piano Gallery was the best fit.I had a very relaxed, no pressure shopping experience. Brian made himself available to answer very knowledgeably any and all questions that we had…while at the same time leaving […]

Rachel. B

I really appreciated the way things were handled when buying my piano. Piano Gallery had a well-rounded selection of different pianos to fit a variety of budgets and tastes. Brian was friendly and informative but never pushy. I had plenty of time by myself to test out the pianos without pressure, and took multiple trips back to the store. He answered my questions, and also arranged to bring in a piano technician to address some […]

Alexander Malikov

My name is Alexander Malikov. I am from Calgary, Alberta, and I am a piano student at the Oberlin College in Ohio, working toward my Bachelor of Music Performance under Angela Cheng. This past summer, I have made an investment to buy a baby grand piano for home practice, as I spend a few months of the academic year at home with no instrument to work at.   I traveled to several stores in Calgary […]